Compatibility between SketchUp 2015 and 2016

Are there any known compatibility issues with files created in SketchUp 2015 and then used in SketchUp 2016?

I haven’t seen any issues while using it or reports of such. I’ve opened and worked with many models that were made in earlier versions of SketchUp and haven’t seen any problems. This morning I opened one I made in SU6 and it was just fine.

Thanks very much for the reply. I just wanted to check before updating from 2015 to 2016. Thought I had seen an earlier post complaining about compatibility, but maybe it was just operator-error :slightly_smiling:

There have been some complaints from people who don’t like the fact that SketchUp files are not backward compatible, that is, SU 2015 can not open a file saved as 2016. But I’ve seen no issues with opening a 2015 file in 2016, and you can “save as” 2015 using 2016 to let the older version read your file.

Thanks slbaumgartner, good information.

The post may be about extensions/plugins. Please use the extension warehouse and/or check the extension developers site for the compatible version.

Actually, that would be called forward compatibility, whereby SU 2015 would actually anticipate future changes to the file format before they happen. There is no program that does that, since it would entail either time travel or clairvoyance.


Look it up!

Right…but we’re talking about the opposite–a legacy system that can operate using input intended for a newer product or technology, that is, forward compatible.


Look again. He asked about using 2015 model files in 2016.

Let’s not quarrel, Steve. I was responding to your statement, which I quoted, not the OP’s. Your statement described the opposite condition from backward compatibility.


peace! <mumble mumble to 15>

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