Are version 5 thru 8 files compat with 2016 Client request

Hey there, My client has always requested version 5 files for multi user compat with unknown multiple versions. He says now that my files won’t open with 2016…
would version 8 slightly more compat…y? is 5 dead? (5-6 meg files)

Jeff B. San Diego

Hi Jeff, hi folks.

Try to use File Menu --> Save as ….

Open the File Format Pull Down List.

You shall see SketchUp 2016 down to SketchUp 3. Then, SketchUp 2016 can effectively save in a format compatible with SketchUp 5. The reverse shall also be true, that is, that SketchUp 2016 can open any SketchUp file from 2016 down to 3. Thus, SketchUp 5 files shall open without any problem.


All legacy version should open with V2016. We still habitually save our commercial component files as V7 for all our clients…because that was the most recent version required to save any necessary file data (like dynamic components)

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Got a sample of a file which is claimed to not open in SU2016?