Color on imported STP file


I imported a part with SimLab STP but i can’t apply color on it. Is there a way to do it?


Could you upload the .skp file?
So we can have a look. (upload sign is 7th of left)


The file is too big…

#4 (1.8 MB)

Here you go! Thanks!


Your model contains about 1200 nested components which are all colored Gray (both backface and front face) If you want to color a component or group , the colors of the faces need to be the default color.
You can explode the component ( I think you need to do it 7 times) and end up with appr. 50.000 entities!
That’s a lot for a component this size. Most faces aren’t oriented as well (eg. backfaces pointing forward) so you would have to check that as well. Also: little gaps in geometry.
This thing happens a lot when importing Rhino or DWG. Sometimes it is faster/better to redraw in SketchUp…
Here’s a exploded (x7) and regrouped version: (1.3 MB)


Thanks !