Cls typed in console == SKETCHUP_CONSOLE.clear

While wondering what all the Sketchup::RenderingOptions constants are for, I, out of habit, typed ‘cls’ in the console, and it cleared.

Don’t know if this cross-platform, etc, or where it should go in the API docs, but it’s certainly handy…

It is already there under the release notes for v2014 …



Maybe it could added to the normal docs? I know the ‘Release Notes’ are included, but I suspect most people (myself included) would first look at Sketchup::Console

Sure more information is always better. Open an issue in the GitHub tracker. While at it, the phrase in the class’ docstring could also be a link into the release notes (URL as given above.)

And … a tutorial page on “Using the Ruby Console” would be a bonus (as page has next to no detailed information.)

Dan & Thom,

Generically, seems to be more about using SU from the standpoint of a user.

Often enough there have been requests for ‘help/info/brief tutorials’ that are developer specific.

Maybe a better home for doc’s like the above should be in the ‘files’ list of the API doc’s?

Also, there could be a repo that only contains the md files used, and people could submit PR’s for new docs or updating the current ones?

This IS what I meant. There already is another GitHub repo called tutorials that (I think) Thomas intends to generate those “files” pages for the API documentation.

ADD: It is here …