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Hio I have the same questions as to the post reference below. Before our company is allowed to use SketchUp pro our company carry out an assessment of the cloud security used by providers. Please can you direct me to an area of the website which has this informaiotn or provide me with contact at SketchUp that I can ask a number of cloud security questions e.g.

  1. Who hosts the data centre for Sketch Up Pro
  2. Is all data at rest and in transit encrypted.
  3. What IT security controls and accreditations does SketchUp have to protect their environment ( ISO27001, SOC1/2 etc )
  4. What personal data is stored.
  5. What country is the data held and is this shared with third parties.

Thanks Graeme Clark

Need help to answer security questionnaire before my company can begin to use Sketchup - SketchUp / Pro - SketchUp Community




Thanks Mike

Can you confirm for me for the website/app services, Is all data at rest and in transit encrypted.


I do not know. I recently got a request from an organisation that warned about the openSSL.
SketchUp uses 1.1.1g from last year:

but it needs to be updated.

This is used for transcripting in Ruby, so my perception was that only Extensions that need authorization uses this library, but I don’t know what SketchUp itself is using.
@thomthom or @Bryceosaurus might know?

Hi Graeme

I’ll have someone reach out to you.


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