Cloth Simulation in SketchUp

I’ve recently came across this tutorial which basically is one of the workflows that fill the gap between SketchUp and some other robust 3D programs. Having tried the wonderful MS Physics I naively tried subdividing a mesh and seeing whether the plugin would do what I really would like to see in SketchUp - cloth simulation - a mesh falling onto a surface, colliding with it and and taking its shape, producing a graceful result.

After some short research I came across this topic in SketchUcation, in which an alternative workaround is mentioned through the help of 2-3 other plugins. The results are not the best.

I’ve been with SketchUp since version 8 and witnessed it evolve and acquire more powerful modelling and animation tools. I’ve grown attached to it and in a way, speaking figuratively, it’s become my best friend. It is a revolutionary unrivaled program and it gets better year by year.

What I want to say is, since we’ve already stepped into the realm of animation with Fredo’s Animator, MorisDov’s Proper Animation and some other plugins, do you think there is any chance we will get a robust cloth simulation plugin, worthy of SketchUp in the future? Blender is notorious for its complexity, 3DS Max is both expensive, time-consuming and also complex and both of their cloth simulation algorithms are no exception.

Any chance that one day we’ll model everything directly in SketchUp, without running after other programs? I know SketchUp is written with the Ruby language and Blender is based on Python (which as I understand is a more powerful code language). Can Ruby handle what Python does for Blender?

This is something for the future. What are your thoughts? Do you think this is a good and profitable idea?

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SketchUp is not written in Ruby, only Extensions are…

Extensions can also be written in C as is SU…


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C as in C++? Sorry, as I’m not familiar with the world of coding and programming, I didn’t know that.


Anton Syntysia has a new video on YouTube with MS Physics, demonstrating what I thought couldn’t be done. Apparently a tutorial is in the making.


I would love to see some cloth deformer tools in Skp next year but in the meantime…

I was wondering if anybody has any good leads for cloth simulation in Sketchup via a plugin. I know that the same results can be achieved with the various Sub Division plugins but I was wondering if there are any specific cloth deformers?

This popped up after four years due to spam.
Interesting how much has changed and stayed the same in that time.

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