Clipping Plane Extension Survey

Yes, John, zooming through walls to work inside is a good idea. But the user has NO CONTROL over where the near clipping plane is. While you’re working on some sort of user control over clipping planes, how about a stop-gap solution? Give us a switch to turn the dang thing off!

Hi Daniel, great topic. I’ve been having issues with clipping lately whilst working on large files containing .dwg imports & large areas. I guess it would be nice to have a plugin that fixes it but I actually reckon it should at least be included with SU Pro for free. I rarely experience it in other 3D programs & it’s really annoying when it does happen. Good to see someone tackling the issue though. Good luck & looking forward to a solution.

I tried this but only seem to get “true” after hitting return & can’t see any camera parameters window. Although it could be hiding. I seem to have an issue with my Toolbars window not showing sometimes unless I minimise & maximise the SU window to make it visible but I tried that and still no camera parameters. Dam clipping is driving me nuts on this model I’m working on now. Not sure why. Not large size or far away from origin & no section planes anywhere. Strange behaviour.

I got the Ruby Console command Sketchup.send_action 10624to open up my camera parameters. I had my external monitor resolution set higher than recommended & now it’s at recommended, the camera parameter window is visible & I can change my near & far clipping setting. Awesome. Happy days.

Hello All,
I am looking for some beta testers for this extension. Please contact me at if you are interested.
Daniel Tal


I have released a commercial version for fixing the Clipping Plane. It’s a simple to use one-click extension. You can see it here:

I am charging for the extension to cover development costs but in addition, the extension uses a third party code that I need to license to get to work.

The extension only works on PC version and it’s a purchase to own, so no subscription.

Thanks for those who helped test and respond to the survey.

Daniel Tal


I made an open source extension 2 months ago that specifically fixes clipping issues in parallel projection. Perhaps it could be incorporated?

Also, I think the extension UI could be improved by having just one button and show it as depressed while the workaround is active and click it again to deactivate it.

Doesn’t do me any good.