Chris Fullmer: How do we get a link page?

Anyone is welcome to answer this, but it is an ongoing subject Chris Fullmer originally gave us information on.

Hello Chris, a while back I asked a question about a “non traditional” “SU Extension” that is a stand alone app that uses SketchUp as to could it be included in the SU Extension Warehouse listings. All questions there were answered, and you provided the information on the “Link Page” you can possibly provide for such circumstances.

That thread was here:

Now we have not done that .rbz file to connect to the external app locale, but we would like to know how do we submit for, or apply for, or receive a “link page” for our “SKyscraperFX for SkeychUp” application?

When we add the SKyscraperFX launcher rbz in the near future for the SU extensions menu to be able to launch the app from within SketchUp, we will just submit that free extension in the traditional manner we assume; but for now we wonder about linking to our SKyscraperFX information and trial version download page and how do we go about doing that?

Thanks for your help.

P.S. You can see the app we are talking about at to see what we mean by “non-traditional” and how we hope it to be used with SketchUp.

Here was some model examples created with the app:

(Also we are trying to do it in that main developer account above, not the one I am posting in as a web product assistant.)

Or can you list it in more than one account? Not necessary, just curious.

Thank You

Just noting we are trying to do the link page with the “SkyscraperFX4SketchUp N.” developer account, though I am asking the question with mine.