Changing document grid color in Layout - Help!


I need a grid - and only a grid - printed out to help me calibrate the driver settings for the stepper motors that control X and Y motion for a 3D printer I’ve built from a kit. So I turned to LayOut!

I opened a new file - saw there were gridded templates - chose one - then poked around until I found the grid settings in File -> Document Setup …

I can get the grid lines - major and minor - spaced as I want them, but I’ve been unsuccessful in every attempt I’ve made to change the color of the grid lines! Every time I click on one of the color choices (there are two - one for major grid lines and another for minor grid lines) it activates the “Colors” tool in the default tray, but nothing I’ve tried actually causes the grid line color to change!

Any ideas?


Hmmmm… It works for me. Make sure the color button shows the frame around it as does the one for the Minor Grid before you try changing the color.

The button color doesn’t change but the grid color does.


That worked. And it might have worked before - because my attention was focused on the grid color button, not on the actual grid!


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