Changes to generate report 2021

We have started using 2021 SketchUp and I ran into a problem with the generate report not showing all the items I select. So far it’s only the item “name” I have attached. the text shown is a group with a specific name that use to show up with its name, now it does not show up
Prior versions to this it showed all the items names in the file that I picked including items named “group”. What has changed and how do I set it so it shows all the names in a file again?

By the way our company is still on windows 7 computers.

Hi There.

Definition Name is specific to components. You can get group names to appear if you use the “Entity Name” Attribute in your report.

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I cant post any new images “Sorry, new users can only put one embedded media item in a post.”\but this is even weirder. its not listing each individual item, it’s putting them all in one box under the heading.

…So is this a Change in 2021, it only shows components in a model not group items?
in 2020 and prior all named items showed up under Definition Name.

I think this is because you are grouping by an attribute. My example shows grouping by definition name. If you move all your attributes down to the “report attributes” section you should get a row for each object.

If you group by multiple attributes, you can get what you want, too: