Change the language of the right word

I change the language of the program
I changed all menus and conversations
Unfortunately, I do not change the right-click menu. Apparently the source can not be changed
Can anyone help?
My country is forbidden and never supported

This seems to be your first post, welcome to the forum! :smile:

I this forum, free speech is allowed and no thoughts and ideas are forbidden. Since you haven’t asked in this place before, I wouldn’t come to the conclusion your country was forbidden (at least from SketchUp).
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Have you thought about that something else is preventing the language change to be successful? Maybe you have not yet found the right way to change the language?

  • How did you try to change the language of SketchUp (Make or Pro)?
  • What is the target language which you want to have?
  • What language installer did you download?
  • What is the language in which you have set your operating system?

I took the language being forbidden to mean that it isn’t supported. There are only 12 language versions in the downloads page, so quite a lot of languages are not supported.

Farsi language
Many Iranian architects work with this software.
And I tried to add this language to this program, I have no programming knowledge
ResHackerPo by this app

Right-click (context) menus are generated “on the fly” (only when needed.)
But there may be string tables in the resources that are used by the context menu generating code.

However, hacking the internal resources of the executable may violate the application End User License Agreement. See section 2.4 in general, and parts (a), (d), (h) in particular.

Re: Your forum profile has your edition set to SketchUp Make, but there is no Make for version 2019.

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The only way I can think of to add a custom language to SketchUp is to copy the folder inside resources/ in the install folder, edit the content, and launch SU using the command line lang parameter. However, as Dan says, it may not be allowed according to the EULA. Also I don’t know if it actually works.

Also, if you intend to make your own translation, make sure it is proof read by someone fluent in both languages, and with experience in the field of 3D modeling. A badly made translation requires more knowledge in the source language to be “reversed engineered” and understood by the user than the source material itself.


It also occurs to me that some right-click context menu items may be insert by extensions. If the extension author does not expose their string for translation then it will be impossible to translate them.