Change order of group in structure


I would like to change orders of group in structure. Is it possible ?
For example:

  • I create 4 groups in structure (From the top to the low): G1, G2, G3, G4

I just want to modify order like: G1,G4,G2,G3

But when I move G4, Sketchup introduce G4 in G1. Do you have a solution ?
Thanks a lot, and sorry for my approximative English and Bonne année a tous !

Your profile shows that you have SU2017 pro (and Windows 10), so you should have the ‘Outliner’ in SketchUp.
Open the ‘Outliner’ window to see the structure of how you organized your groups and components.
Here you can drag groups and/or components into or out different environments to make them nested or not.
But I don’t think you can change the order they show up here when they are in the same level.

I think Outliner organizes alphabetically, doesn’t it? So you’d have to change names if you wanted to change order.

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That’s true, you’ll have to change the group and component names to change the order they show up in the ‘Outliner’.
It’s more or less similar to the list of layer names.

Perfect, thanks for your advises !!