Change Materials Globally

I’ve imported my revit file as a .dwg into sketchup but some of my colors are messed up. For instance my white trim is now red. How can I change the color without manually doing a paint bucket on every face? Some colors are correct. Thanks.

choose a material, right click menu … select/ all same material… then paint
if you need to select only specific number of reds then group them first, inside group operate, then explode the group

This does just what the name implies

Global Material Change v1.4 — SketchUp plugin by TIG

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I think it is also possible to edit red material itself to make it white instead (if purpose is only to change its visual appearance and there is no need to apply to some faces exactly the same material as some other existing white material).
Material before edit.
before edit
Material after edit.
after edit
All faces which have edited material, become white after editing without paint bucket on every face.

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For things like this I usually use Material Replace by ThomThom.

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