Centered paste

Hello there! Is there any way to make a pasted object (for examble, a square) be centered to another existing object?

Yes, with some help of the ‘Move’ tool.
But you’ll have to define what you mean by the center of an object. Is it the center of what SketchUp uses as the bounding box of a group, component or selection? Is it the center of gravity of the object?
You can grab a rectangle (as an example) by its center and place it on a target vertex, guide point, intersection, , edge, face etc., by using SketchUp’s inferencing engine or by using guides before doing so.

added: the ‘Paste’ operation itself uses the lowest leftmost corner of the group, component or selection. So “unfortunately” a followup action is to use the ‘Move’ tool.

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Hello, dude! Thank you for the reply. Following the infos that you provided, I draw a cross on the objects so I could center them perfectly!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! You definately helped me a lot!

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As mentioned by @g.h.hubers don’t think so much about copy and paste, think more along the lines of move copy.
Here I have use the various inference points to select the centre of the object I wish to move and place it at the centre of the target object. At the end I hit ctrl to actually make a copy/move rather than just a move.
This is fundamental SU.

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