Can't upload photos for this forum to see in order to help me!


Hi guys, newbie here I wanted to post a topic that requires I upload photos so the members here can see what I’m asking advice on, just shows: !(image) http://blahblahblah…what am I doing wrong folks? I’m using an iPhone to upload the photos, which are JPEG’s,



You’re probably not doing anything wrong. There are restrictions on uploading files until you’ve made a few posts on the forum.

To upload an image or .skp file, click the 7th icon from the left, above where you type your replies:


Or just drag the file into your reply…

When typing a reply on a computer, you see the ![Upload… blah in a text field at the left and on the right you see a preview of what it will look like once you’ve posted it including images. On your phone, click the 1st icon on the right that looks like a screen(not shown in my image above) to see a preview of your post with images. Then click “hide preview” at the bottom right to go back to typing.


Ok, gotcha, thanks so much!


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