Can't sign into Extension warehouse

I can sign into Extension Warehouse via the browser, but I cant sign in via the links in SketchUp 2020 Trial. When I sign in, the website returns the same page in a signed out state
Authentication is by email and PW, not by google. I purchased a 4$ extension just to see if I can work around this issue, but the extension needs to be accessed from within. I’m ready to buy Sketchup Pro, but if i cant access the extensions, there no point.

Browser Chrome 81.0.4044.122
Cache was deleted and retried.
Security settings is set on weak,


Goto and sign in upper right. There is also the ‘manage my subscriptions’
Do you have a trial?
If you have one, you should get the ‘download app’ option, too.
Download that and install.
Then, open and sign in.

There is currently a problem buying extensions from within SketchUp, so even if you could sign in you wouldn’t be able to buy that way. You should be able to buy and download an extension in a browser, or download a free extension, and in either case install the RBZ file using Extension Manager. But, that too may need you to be signed in.

Can you sign in from the welcome screen inside SketchUp, before opening Extension Warehouse? If you can give some hints about your name or email address, I can look to see if there are issues at our end.

The OP mentioned that he already purchased it. So if he is signed in, he should get it installed via the extension warehouse?

That part wasn’t too clear. The extension may have been bought in a browser, and that does currently work. I think that at the moment nobody can buy an extension from within SketchUp.

Hi folks, I signed in and purchased the software through the extension website (not through the desktop App), when I wanted to download it, it said it has to be done from within the Sketchup Desktop app. When I went through the SketchUp desktop App -> Extension Manager, the Avatar on the top right would show me as signed out. I can navigate and search for plug-ins, when I try to download something, It would ask me to sign in. I sign in, a few milliseconds later I’m back to the page that I was viewing, in a signed out state. I did some debugging and I found the browser has to have the pop-up enabled, even through there are no pop-ups. In the back end it must be consuming Pop up APIs, which are blocked when disabled.

After enabling pop-ups on the browser, I was able to sign in to Extenstions (through the desktop app) and download.

Thank you for your responses and you help.

Thank you, see my solution above