Can't move edge up (to draw roof) when shape is connected to another

Please see this model:

I want to move the selected edge up, forming a roof on the right hand side of this box. Eventually I want the roof to meet and be at the same pitch as the higher roof, but I’m just playing about with the shape at the moment.

However, I can’t drag the edge up. If I have the box separate to the main house, it works fine. What have I done which stops the roof being dragged up? Did I make a mistake having separate shapes connected to each other?

Yes, unfortunately. Unless you make components or groups out of shapes as you draw them, the geometry ‘sticks together’,

Make the front block into a component, separate from the back part, then edit within that component.

PS. And it looks from the blue colour of the image that all your (visible) faces are reversed. Select them all, then Right click and Reverse faces

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That worked, thanks! Now got another problem Drawing a roof with pitches at right angles :wink: