Can't make follow-me work

I have been using the excellent Lynda course for Sketchup Architecture Fundamentals, I am using the files supplied and the components. All is well except when trying to make a stair carpet…

I have a path that goes down some stairs, this is a component.
I created a rectangle at the top of the path which represents the carpet and made it a group
I triple click the path,
then select the follow-me tool…

I expect to be able to hover over the rectangle right click and select edit group; however, I don’t get the context menu I expect, it only shows three items the first of which is ‘Close Component’.

I have checked everything I can think of but can’t work out how to make follow-me work.

Any ideas?

Any ideas? Yes. Change your expectations. Don’t make the rectangle a group. Best would be to open the component containing the path and put the rectangle inside. Select the path, get Follow Me, click on the rectangle. Then close the Component and your carpet is done.

IMHO, we’re all entitled to our own humble opinion.


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