Can't log into Extension Warehouse

I recently installed SketchUp on a new computer and I’m unable to log into the Extension Warehouse, It gives me an Authentication Error as soon as I click the sign in button.
I’m unable to even enter any details. I have tried closing sketch up and restarting the computer but nothing has helped.


Please confirm you have completed all the steps listed in Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues within SketchUp | SketchUp Help.
Please check if Javascript is enabled in the IE browser, See
What is the behavior when you try to access 3DWarehouse or Add Location?
What is the behavior when open from Internet Explorer and other browsers?

  1. Open 3DWarehouse dialog box (File>3DWarehouse>Get Models)
  2. Shift+click on the Search button
  3. Send the result via private message

If you see an empty page or the search button in not available do the following

  1. Enter Ctrl+L in the dialogbox
  2. Copy 3D Warehouse in the resulting dialog box
  3. Send the result via private message

Recently there was an issue with the new Extension Warehouse TOS after a site update for some people. Try Brad’s suggestions here Authentication error - #6 by Rich_E.

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Thank you, this fixed my issue!