Can't load CUT MAP plugin

Hi all !!!

Trying to load CUT MAP, i have this load error message

Any idea why ?

Thanks !


Maybe it has something to do with this:

Thanks Dave !
I will be more careful about compatibility…

This extension tries to load a binary file (.so on Mac, .dll on Windows). Binaries need to be compiled for each new Ruby version, which basically means every other SketchUp version or so. For extension that uses binaries compatibility is important to check, but for extensions written in pure Ruby usually only the minimum version requirement is relevant; if such an extension is well written it should work in newer SU versions too.

Generally extensions that rely on heavy calculations and share functionality with extensions for other software, e.g. renderers, use compiled binaries. Extensions that don’t perform math-intense operations are typically made purely in Ruby.

Thanks for that clarification Julia Christina.