Can't get stdout of cmd when running Open3.capture3 in Sketchup ruby console

I used the following code to run in sketchup ruby console:

require "open3"
command = 'echo Hello'
stdout, stderr, status = Open3.capture3(command)

puts "status: #{status}"  
puts "stderr: #{stderr}"   
puts "stdout: #{stdout}"

I expect that stdout will be Hello but there is nothing.

I also run the same code by Ruby standard and the stdout is Hello. How can I get sdtout in sketchup ruby console?

You likely cannot. STDOUT and STDERR have been “shoehorned” into the singleton Sketchup::Console object.

Console operations do not work the same in an embedded Ruby environment as they do in a standalone Ruby process.

This has been talked about here in the past. Search this category on “Open3” etc.

What is it that you really want to do ?

I get these results from Make 2015 & 2017:



Thanks for your reply!
I wanna get some information which in stdout. But now, I already have another way to get stdout.
Just use Command line to write stdout into .txt file. Then use ruby sketchup to read that .txt

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It does not seem to work in 2021, 2022 or 2023 (on Windows).

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