Can't find Tools folder for downloading extensions on my mac

Sketchup Pro 2019 on a Macbook Pro: I just downloaded an extension from SketchUcation into my downloads folder but can’t find the Sketchup related Tools folder on my mac. Anybody using a mac had this problem and can tell me how to deal with it?



With the extension downloaded into the Downloads folders open SketchUp. Go to Window>Extension Manager. Click on Install Extension at the bottom of the window. Navigate to the Downloads folder, select the extension and click Open.

By the way, extensions are not to be installed in the “Tools” folder. They get installed in a User/Library/ folder that is normally hidden by the OS. Using Install Extension eliminates the need to access the directory, though.

What is the extension you downloaded from Sketchucation? If you download and install the Sketchucation Tools extension, you can use it to directly download and install extensions from Sketchucation. Similar to the Extension Warehouse, using the Sketchucation Tools extension to install other extensions will build a “bundle” of extensions and will help you make sure your extensions are kept up to date. The bundle can also be used to install fresh copies of your extensions from SCF on another machine or when you update to a new version of SketchUp.

Thanks for the help. The extension is called Bolt MakerXII. I did what you said and it now shows up in the Extension Manager as “enabled”.

I will go back to Sketchucation and find the “Sketchucation Tools” extension that you refer to and download in a similar way right? Am I right is assuming that the Sketchucation Tools extension will show up and be used in the same way that the built in Extension Manager now does?

I provided the link to Sketchucation Tools in my post above.

It is similar to the Extension Warehouse and Extension Manager. When you open the Extension Store and sign in with your SCF credentials, you will see a list of recent extensions.

You can click on the magnifying glass at the bottom to search for specific extensions, choose an author from the list and so on. If there are extensions due for updating, that will be indicated near the top of the panel. Click on the gear icon to see which ones need updating and to update them.

Click on Downloads to see what extensions you’ve downloaded, Profile to see your SCF profile, Bundles to see and install the bundles or extensions you have. Note that Bundles are only created for extensions you download from SCF using the tool. At this point it wouldn’t know about your installation of Bolt Maker although you could reinstall it via the SCF Tools tool to add it.

Great thanks!