Can't draw a rectangle through an existing drawing

Knife-Push-Pull.skp (53.5 KB)
I separated the knife from whatever the other object was and gave them both a thickness. Just so you can see how SketchUp functions as a non 2D environment. I’ve also grouped them so you can move them around without distorting any lines.

You gentlemen are amazing. At my stage of development I am flying the original Wright flyer off the slopes of Kittyhawk you both are flying your 747’s.

If you Google ‘Friction folders’ you will see an array of info and photos. I have to come up with a prototype and as of yet all my dimensions are purely guess work.

This is an excellent youtube link if you are interested and will give you a better idea of what I am trying to do.


Knife-Push-Pull2.skp (114.0 KB)
Ah, I get it. well, here’s a slight more revised model of the knife. There are errors in the hinge as I don’t know how to build a knife, I just gave the handle a cavity inside for the blade. anyways, I’m sure you get the point of how in SketchUp, you model what you want as if it’s real as opposed to a 2D drawing.
*this knife model can’t really work as the part to lock the blade isn’t accurately placed, therefore it either can’t swing open, or close properly.

Absolutely amazing, I envy your expertise! A friction lock actually opens and closes between two identical scales on a pivot pin. How far it opens and how far it closes is controlled by a stop pin which if you are interested enough to follow the build along shows up in the construction. I believe the video has 4 parts, construction, cut out parts, the actual build and lastly finishing the knife.