Cant download Grid tool

grid tool starts to download but message keeps coming up
that “something went wrong on the way in” any comments or similar experiences?

It worked for me on my PC accessing it from the EW in SketchUp.

… from where ?

The Extension Warehouse ? Please supply a URL to the extension page.

The SketchUcation PluginStore ? Please supply a URL to the plugin page.

Some place else ? A URL would be helpful.

From an external web browser ? Which one ?

From SketchUp’s internal Extension Warehouse dialog ?
Which platform (Mac / PC) ? What SketchUp version ?

dan–thnks for the reply

using free 2016 sketchup–chrome browser–i go to EW–go to grid tool
download—start to download and get this:::

“authentication errror”
“something went wrong during the authentication process–plse try signing
in again–”"

I have had the grid tool installed at one time–it was always
sluggish–but stopped working period—have unchecked it in my extension
box in windows-preferences and trying to download it again–but getting
this message above

any ideas
thanks–kent mccoy

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5 results for “Authentication Error” category: Extension Warehouse

1 result for “Authentication Error” category: 3D Warehouse