Can't assign a shortcut key to the new onboard weld tool

Now that “Weld” is shipped with Sketchup, it doesn’t seem to have the ability to add a shortcut key to it. When I search in the preferences menu for assigning shortcut keys, “Weld” is not an option. I know it’s just a right-click away, but I’m all about those creature comforts. I want to hit “W” again to weld. :slightly_smiling_face:
Can that option be added in on a future update?

Edit: just discovered this when updating to 2021, not sure if that was the case in 2020 as I was still using the extension in 2020

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Since this is a Context menu item, select some edges that could be welded and then go into Preferences and set the shortcut.

Setting keyboard shortcuts for Context menu items has always worked this way. You need to have selected something that would make the item show in the menu before you can find it to set in the Preferences.


Dave you always amaze me, that worked. Thank you!

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