Can you turn off the centre/end point indication?

Sorry for getting my terminology wrong… I have no idea how to describe this so hope you understand what I am asking.

I am currently working on a small project which has a lot of stacked circles/arcs… And everytime I try to do anything, I keep getting the center and endpoint positions (and lines), automatically appearing.


Don’t get me wrong… I know what they are for and really like them WHEN i need them… But there are times where they just get in the way… Is there any way to TEMPORARILTY stop them from appearing?

In short, no. There’s no way to turn off inferencing.

You can use, Explode Curve, but it’s not a temporary measure.

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Thanks. I can live with it, but there are just times it would help to be able to switch it off… But alteast I know that its not possible.


You can hide these geometries to avoid getting inferences from them.

Maybe you could reduce the amount of inferencing points > arc and circle centers etc. by applying two active section planes facing each other (in different levels!)

Switch between the two styles with an assigned shortcut key to either see active cuts or inactice section planes