Can’t access component name in dynamic component

I want use a components name for calculations of attributes in a dynamic component.
I have a component that represents wells. The component name has information about the well embedded in it: well number, well depth. The components currently only show the X,Y position of the well. The depth is not drawn in SketchUp, just listed in the name.
I want to add well depth as an attribute to the component so that each well will be shown with its respective depth.
I would like to extract that from the name by something like:
WellDepth = RIGHT(Name,3) i.e. the well depth is in the right 3 characters of the component name.
But I can’t find any way to access the name.
Can anyone help?

The default title on the options dialog is the same as the original component definition. The Name attribute overwrites this with what ever value you give it. So when you create the DC you can change the name (title) on each instanstance.
so in each component you will need to write WellDepth = some value
and Name = “???” & WellDepth, then the title will match the information you want to show

Thanks for the reply.

What I need to do is to access the information in the original name. Since well depth was stored in the name I would use that piece of the name to set a value in the component such as LenZ.