Can Sketchup Pro be used in the Cloud?

Hi, I have one Pro license with Two Users. One seat is on my laptop, and one seat is on another computer.
Does Sketchup offer an option where we can use the license we have but also have a cloud-based access? Or do I have to buy a whole new license? Is there a hybrid options?
If I’ve already paid for the renewal can it be applied toward a web-based pro version? Or am I out of luck and have to start from scratch. TY!

The a single pro license is to be used by one user, not two.

What do you mean by “cloud-based access”? Are you referring to the web-based SketchUp Shop? If so, that is included with the SketchUp Pro subscription. See: 3D Modeling Software Pricing | 3D Design Program Cost | SketchUp

Again, each user needs their own license.

So you want a cloud based network license? Not sure if they have that option.