Can i get this picture in Sketchup Studio?

Can i get this picture in Sketchup Studio or V-Ray???

I wanna change my picture like upload file.

if i can change it in Sketchup, can i get method to become more transparent going object backwards

pls, somebody help me…

You can create the model in SketchUp (Free web, Make, Go, Pro, etc.), and the image using a 2D graphics program (to overlap and combine the images). With Studio you have access to V-Ray, which gives you a top rendering.

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Do you mean model that on sketchup? it actually looks that it was made with sketchup, maybe not, anyways it´s not complicated to create that, specially if you have a Studio license.

I don’t understand what you’re trying to say, do you want to create transparent objects?

If you add a proper transparency map (e.g. gradient) to the material in Vray you can also get this effect. So on quickly

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Last time I had to leave but here’s the effect after a few minutes of fun.

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