Can I earn money with Sketchup without hire in company and be alone?


Can I earn money with Sketchup without hire in company and be alone?


It’s possible. Buy SketchUp Pro and make a portfolio of your work so prospective clients can see what you are capable of. And then go looking for clients who are willing to pay you for your services. Don’t expect to get rich and plan on having other employment as a source of income. Work hard and put in the hours.


thank you can you tell me where i can find Clients and i show my works and which models are attractive and make more clients
i just want to have 30$ income in month after buyins sketchup Pro.


I think you are going to have to sort that out on your own. It will depend a lot on where you are (Pakistan?) and is a core part of building up any business. The only answer is to get out and do sales calls. Here in the USA they call it “networking”.


In the internet age, a person’s location isn’t important for offering modeling services.

Brainstorm with family and friends on who and what needs models - architects, engineers, furniture manufacturers, plumbing fixtures, video games, etc. Something with multiple modeling requirements would be better than someone who only need one model. For an idea of businesses that need lots of models, look at the companies that publish their product lines on the 3D Warehouse to get an idea on the types of companies that may need modeling services.

If you have an international clientele, look into how you need to set things up to get paid.

As you are a student, consider taking at least one marketing classes to help to learn how to sell yourself to companies that do not yet know they need you.

In the US, there’s an organization called SCORE (service corp of retired entrepreneurs) which provides free business mentoring and low-cost workshops. Look for something similar in your country.