Can I do this with only one movement?

Hi everybody.

I’d like to know if it’s possible to place right object bottom center over the left object top center with only one movement (one transition with the mouse, using inference or whatever).

I think I can do it with two or three steps, I thank if someone tells me the shorter way to do it.

I tried this way:


question.skp (42.4 KB)

Thanks in advance.

Ok, I think I found one way short (it requires to delete guides after using find center).


Yours isn’t one step, then.

No guides needed. Just inferencing. It could be done without using X-ray if you want–I would not bother switching to X-ray for myself–but it makes it easier to show others what;s happening.

You’d find it easier to work if you’d quit with the Parallel Projection and use Perspective.


That was cool DaveR, I didn’t think about using midpoint would help (in fact, I didn’t think about using midpoint in this situation, I use it to find the center of a rentangle for example), I thought it would be enough hover the arc and then the center but it seems not.

Is parallel projection a wrong view for this work or it depends on how I feel more comfortable?

EDIT: Just to satisfy my curiosity, would it be possible to do that without x-ray view? because I try but I don’t get it.

Thank you so much.

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