Calculations on input

Wish I could make some simple calculations while I input the dimensions. For instance; If I want to draw a line which is 800mm PLUS 700mm β†’ input: =800+700 [enter]. etc etc. In FredoScale you are able to do this (therefore I never type in dimensions in the standard input prompt :slight_smile: ).


I can attest to using this feature because I’ve had it in PowerCADD for decades. An example use is that modular brick courses are such that 3 brick courses match one 8" CMU, so one brick course is equal to 8/3" high. Typing the ratio is only a few characters to the user, but lets the computer carry all the digits it’s capable of.

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And Diameter / 2 instead of Radius for Circles, Polygons and Arcs unless a modifier key could allow for that.

I prefer the latest idea since it would simplify entering diameters for many circles instead of adding /2 to each input.