Buy new iMac; 8GB or 16GB?

Hi SU Community,
I’m preparing to purchase a new iMac on which I’ll run SU/Layout.
The processor will be the new Apple M1 and comes standard with 8GB unified memory. This meets SU’s requirements so is it worth upgrading to 16GB? Will I see any performance improvement?
Thanks in advance!

If you want to do CAD always get the most RAM you can get and the highest single-core CPU you can get. Sooo - yes. 16GB.

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8GB is nothing for modern computers - every single program you have open, every browser tab will all eat into that.
Also the new Macs share this with their graphics cards, which also eats into this figure.

It’s often not something that can be upgraded at a later date on Apple products , so you are better off spending the money now , rather than finding out your whole machine is struggling and you have to buy a new one at a later date.

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Unlike previous iMac’s, ones using Apple Silicon will be unable to add RAM or change the Graphics later, these are portions of the single chip. You may be able to replace the SSD later (I don’t know for sure) but not much else. So it is appropriate to bite the bullet and go large now!

Yes, alway buy more ram. A bigger SSD is nice for a LT on the road. At home you can add an external HD using USB-C and Thunderbolt and leaf it connected.

I prefer and use a Thunderbolt external drive ( Terramaster ) and a SAN ( QNAP ). You will get, using thunderbolt, the same speed as if it was internal.

Replacing a SSD in the new Mac is a no go because they are soldered on the MoBo and nowadays they are special one’s .

Thanks for the feedback, all! I went for the 16GB!