BUG: Drawing on hidden layers should not be possible!

I just made a video to ask for help why my dimension tool has stopped working:

And just before i am ready to post it, i realize, i was drawing on a hidden layer!
Are you kidding me? Am i really the first person to run into this nasty bug?

Found the source of the bug!
When turning a layer off, the next layer gets active for drawing. I guess that’s exactly for preventing draw on hidden.
But when i jump to a page, where the before-active layer is hidden, it stays active, and i will draw on hidden!

Darn it Trimble,
Can i has some discount coupon applyable on the next release for all that work i do for you?

I can reproduce this behavior on MacOS as well.
You’re right it shouldn’t.

Good catch. It’s now bug 11777. I think that’s some sort of lucky number, isn’t it?


We’ll be able to tell when it’s fixed, i’d say…

Well, I can’t see my drawing on all Layers beneath a locked Layer. Unlocking it, will show.
■■■■ happens.