Black Friday 2020 Deals on Extensions

That’s weird, indeed!!

I downloaded it from our site, maybe that works.

Yes, but I was trying to stay on topic and it might be handy for folks that don’t install extensions that often.

Good point, thanks.

I disabled all other extensions, and then on startup got a lot of Ruby errors, starting with:

Error: #<FrozenError: can’t modify frozen String: “”>
~/library/application support/sketchup 2021/sketchup/plugins/iscarnet_dibac/dibac_cmd.rbe:204:in `gsub!’

Copying the files to 2020 made them work fine. The web site does say it’s compatible with 2017-2021, but maybe that isn’t true.

At least I can try it out in 2020.

A blast! there is a new version of SketchUp, all ready :slight_smile:
I installed it in the 2020…

So… not technically an extension, but it IS something that can help you model better! Just dropped the price on all “I Model Professionally” T-shirts through Tuesday!

Screen Shot 2020-11-26 at 1.47.21 PM

Get yours today!

(T-shirt comes in Trimble Blue, Legacy Red, or I-Don’t-Care-It’s-Just-a-Shirt White)


I’m going with a black Friday non-sale. If you realize two days after that you should have bought something, you haven’t missed out, prices are the same as always,


The “I Don’t Care” version could be named “As worn by Aaron”. You would sell a lot of white teeshirts.

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Thank you Guy! Purchased.

FlexTools has a Black Friday special, see their website.

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Already mentioned. In this thread. Twice.

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ok thanks !

These are all excellent plugins. I’ll take my chance at Skalp this year. Profile Builder and Skatter are really some of the most powerful plugins I use. Amazing work from all and thanks for the promos!


Too late for CURIC … it seems that at this time, it’s already 30th of november for him :expressionless:

I’m really surprised, the promo has ended

Twilight Render also 50% off.

@guy ess what else I bought:


Promotion will last until December 5


:+1: @voquochai

… And congrats for your tools !.. Pie menu is in the Curic studio ?

Very good BF deals!

Any Cyber-Monday deals?

@TheOnlyAaron This FB post may amuse you.