Black Friday 2020 Deals on Extensions

Thought it would be good to create a place where developers could post their Black Friday / Cyber Monday offers or SketchUp community members could share any deals they have found related to Extensions. Hope that’s OK! Anyone, feel free to post a deal here.

This year, mind.sights.studios is doing an unprecedented offer where we have all our extensions 50% off using the coupon code BLACKCYBER20. (ends Dec 5, 2020)

Extensions included:

  • Profile Builder
  • Quantifier Pro
  • PlaceMaker (SketchUp Version, Revit Version, and Credits)
  • Artisan
  • Skimp
  • BoolTools 2
  • Double-cut
  • BIM Bundle and mind.sight.bundle

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Feel free to post any other Extension deals you find below.


Thank-you for posting this Dale.

We’ve all had a trying year these last few months but somehow, thanks to our customers, we’ve managed to keep up the good fight and are still actively developing our extensions here at Medeek Design.

In recognition of the overwhelming support I have received from the SketchUp community these last few months I will be immediately offering 40% off of the mdkBIM bundle price using the coupon code GIVETHANKS20. (ends Dec. 1, 2020).

This will reduce the bundle price from $170.00 USD to $102.00 USD. This promo code does not apply to any of the extensions purchased separately or to the electrical plugin. The offer also ends on Dec. 1 and no rain checks will issued thereafter.


Thanks for the tag Dale! I’d forgotten what week it was!

The Evil Software Empire is offering 40% discount on Vertex Tools and SUbD via the code: BLACKFRIDAY2020

This expires December 5th.

The code is applied after clicking “Checkout”, then click “Got a code?” on the next screen.

Note, those who own Vertex Tools v1 are still getting 50% discount on upgrade to v2. This expires the end of this year. (The discounts cannot be combined.) To get your upgrade discount code use this page:

SUbD Product Page


Vertex Tools Product Page



80% off for @renderiza 's extensions


50% off curic extensions



Skalp is offering 40% discount via the code: BLACKFRIDAY2020 (ends Dec 5, 2020)
You can apply the coupon code in our webstore or click HERE to apply our discount directly


@Yoni ?


FlexTools has a Black Friday special, see their website. Also check out Ronen Bekerman for some other resources specials as well.



Skatter and Transmutr can be purchased together with a 50% discount.

Get the bundle here:

Or you separately with a 30% discount:
Skatter for only 69€
Transmutr for only 55€

These offers will end on Tuesday December 8th.



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Thanks for the mention @MikeWayzovski!
We haven’t done any promotions for a whole year, but the time has come :slight_smile:

FlexPack Pro is 30% Off Now!

animation_04 cover_03-2020

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Thanksforgiven! :turkey:

That looked interesting enough that I bought it. But, how do you use it? I see it is in my plugins folder, but it isn’t in any of the menus.

It does show in Extension Manager as well.

View Palettes?

On Mac you can type something in the Help menu, and it will show all the menu items with that text. There are no menu items with ‘dib’ in the text.

did it download as a zip?


It download and expanded as a folder, with these files in it:

Installation instructions.txt
User Manual -Dibac for SketchUp.lnk

A lot of extensions come with a .RBZ installer, they get installed via the [menu]Window->Extension Manager and then click on the blue button on the bottom left.

Maxwell Render - 50% off

I feel sure you know I did install the extension that way. I didn’t expand the RBZ and manually place the files. Here is the entry in Extension Manager.