Black Friday 2020 Deals on Extensions

No serial number?

WrapR is 35% off with code CYBER2020

Just bought it! And just bought Vertex Tools 2 :slight_smile:

SketchUcation has posted a bunch of great deals here that I hadn’t heard about yet.

Clothworks, FluidInteractive, Simlab, Modelur, and some books!


Anyone figured it out how to get the Pie Tool up and running?

I think it’s a future feature / plugin…

Well it looks very promising

Message from Dale @Whaat
" our 50% off sale that has been extended to Dec 7th 6pm GMT in case you missed our initial announcement "


Took advantage of this deal and picked up your Medeek BIM package. Looking forward to using it and seeing the evolution of your entire suite of plugins — now as a customer!

I’m especially eager to see your MEP suite develop: the electrical plugin already looks great and fully-featured, and I anticipate the HVAC plugin will follow a similar course.

Congrats on your success so far, and I hope that all of your hard work and amazing results are being well-rewarded!

Thanks for posting this!

Thanks for extending the date: I just bought Curic Studio at the 50% discount. Even though I already had licenses for Extend, Stretch and Section View, it was still a great deal to acquire Section, DIO2, OI and Make 2D for $49.50

Thanks for all of your amazing plugins and the brilliant and creative UI ideas you’ve brought to SU. I love the way you see the program and its potential: extending it’s capabilities beyond what others have imagined, all the while remaining true to SU’s original intent and ease-of-use.

If I was running their dev team I’d hire you tomorrow, as there’s no one who’s managed your unique combination of originality, functionality, intuitiveness, and just plain elegance!

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@Whaat Thanks for the great deal Dale!

Already a PB3 / Quantifier Pro customer and just bought a year’s subscription for Skimp. Really looking forward to using it and know it will save me untold hours in simplifying 3DWH imports and lightening unnecessarily heavy models.

Few developers have delivered as many high-impact, game-changing plugins as you have with your all-star lineup of extensions. So I want to express my appreciation for your extensive and fantastic contributions to the SU community!

It’s my pleasure Dale! You know that I’m a fan… And I’m still waiting to view more about DECASTEEL :grin:


@Whaat @medeek @thomthom @Guy @jiminybillybob
2021 will be the year of SketchUp for me. I went all in, getting your plugins. Use Revit currently but looking to transition more to SketchUp. Thanks for the discounts.


Great! Thanks for your trust and your purchase :slight_smile:

May I ask why?

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I mainly do residential projects, single family and small multi-family. If I were doing large scale commercial projects, I may feel differently about Revit, but for me the development of Revit in areas I would like to see improved has stagnated for years. In comparison Trimble seems to be making much more headway and SketchUp has always been much more intuitive for me. I have done a couple projects recently in SketchUp that have demonstrated that for my needs SketchUp can do everything I need. Once the scheduling aspect in LayOut gets more automated, I think I will have everything I need. I think I can make it my one stop shop for everything from early schematic design to visualization to final construction documents. Plugin prices between the two platforms are night and day too. On top of the fact that Revit LT which I use can’t even use plugins.


Thanks a lot for your feedback!

I almost spit out my coffee, definitely the new kid on the block…

*** silence ***

*** even more silence ***

I sincerely hope your SketchUp experience will be less aggravating than your Revit experience.

For residential and single family projects Sketchup is great.

Once things get more complex in a technical way, it starts giving in, but we can still manage.

At a big scale, I guess sketchup might be too hindered by less automatism when you want to relate many complex stuff. However, if you-re relying in a BIM model. Sketchup might be more intuitive than others.

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I appreciate the word of caution. But when you have custom residential projects with very specific detailing from the architect on something that should be as simple as stairs and railing, and that takes several hours in Revit to do something you can model in 15 minutes in SketchUp, suddenly SketchUp’s shortcomings are palatable. Similiar situation with site modeling tasks. SketchUp isn’t perfect, but at least it’s going in the right direction. More I can say for Revit which, for the money I’ve been paying on it for 10+ years, should do everything I need with an intuitive interface.

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I think SketchUp still has a ways to go especially in the Layout department but I completely agree, you are much better served by SketchUp than Revit. Thank-you for your feedback and contributing the SketchUp community. I only wish I had a team of developers that could accelerate the development of my plugins even faster, there is still so much to do.

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I think is in development