Best Tool for Floating Staircase

I need to make a modern floating staircase with a cable railing. What’s the best way to go about this? If there’s an extension that can get me close I’m all for it.

If you want to use an extension, try Profile Builder 3. There are some stair builder extensions out there, too. Look at the Extension Warehouse.

There really isn’t anything terribly complicated about that stairway, though. Should be fairly straightforward to model it with native tools.


Dave, I agree it’s not the hardest project but I wanted to take the opportunity to learn a new extension if there was something that specificalyl worked for floating staircases with a large central support like that. Most of what I saw (at least the examples) were more traditional staircases (per the extension capabilites).

I used the Stair Tool in 1001 Bit Pro to make one close to it and then just edited it as needed.
The original one on the left and modified one on the right. Still need the railings but as Dave said Profile Builder might get you that part.

You might be able to make some of what you need with this live component:

Stairs Live Component

Here’s some other great stair plugins, vali architects instant stair, there is maj stair plugin, medeek has stair making options in his plugins, etc. Profile builder is great. For a variety of awesome looking stairs that you can pick and choose from and edit once you find something you like, I would definitely suggest Vali instant stair being the best pick what you want and revise it option.

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It is old stuff but The Engineering Toolbox extension has some stair design capabilities.

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