Best tablet/light laptop for Sketchup

I want to get something portable that is very light to carry, that I can use Sketchup and also Office (or Mac equivalent) software on efficiently. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Thanks - Jane

This is incredibly subjective:
My personal recommendation would be Surface Pro 4 (i5, 256GB, 8GB model)

There’s a topic here for that:

depends, if “very light” = 11" means typically an integrated graphics solution (= intel HD/Iris) only, which is not very fast and may show flaws in the area of OpenGL support required by SketchUp.

If still desired you might want check the HP EliteBook Revolve 810 G3 (11").

Thanks - I want an ipad size not an ipad mini size. Should I get a MacBook Pro?/Air? Or will an ipad air support Sketchup in terms of memory and speed?

Thanks Max, I’ll have a look at that.

I had a look at the software requirements, thanks Max. I am looking at a Groupon offer of a refurbished Apple iPad 4 32GB Wifi with the latest IOS. Would this fit the bill re Sketchup? Including the Pro/Layout version?

Thanks - Jane

Yes, I suppose it is subjective, but I have no idea re tablets and whether they will do it, or whether I’d have to get a laptop. Thanks for the Surface idea. That’s very useful.


SketchUp Pro/Make does currently support the platforms Windows and macOS only, neither iOS nor Linux nor Android nor Chrome nor WebOS nor Firefox OS nor…

… if you wanna use a tablet of an unsupported platform for modeling purposes you may wanna have a look at the browser-based my.SketchUp (ßeta status).

recent iPad Air is 9,7", iPad Mini 7,9".

If you would widen your range to a 13" display size the range of possible choices would be much broader and also include devices with dedicated graphics cards much faster and more solid than an integrated/shared solution.

Thanks, that’s really useful! Couldn’t find
anywhere that would spell this out until you did.

I see, will do that. I don’t want a slow-moving
use of Sketchup…