Best hardware spec

What are the critical hardware elements best to invest in for better and more smooth sketchup modelling?

I am looking to buy a new desktop. The models I have been developing to date have a lot of detail (also have a lot of complex dynamic components) and sometimes can be a challenge to run on my current desktop PC. What spec elements (ie. RAM, video card, processor, etc.) are the most important to run SketchUp smoothly? Is there anything I can do to improve the performance. Some of my models are up to 200MB large. we have now secured a project which has a footprint of 6 x 2 km. We will be designing civil works and staging for it. Judging from previous experience I expect the model will grow to be in excess of 700MB (maybe even 1GB). Do you have any advice in terms of the best hardware spec to ensure the design / modelling is efficient for this size models?

surely answered many times already… but CPU speed (single core performance) is determining the SU performance, 16+ GB RAM, a nVidia GeForce GTX 1060 and a SSD (Samsung 850 Pro) will result in a fine system…

… which still won’t enable you to compute a 1 GB SU model in anything near ‘real time’… improving performance by adhering to appropriate modeling and managing techniques is indispensable for getting anything workable in this area.

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