Batch open, import, save and close

Hi everybody,
First time on this forum, almost first time ever on any forum tbh :slight_smile:
I am totally ignorant about Ruby but willing to learn, and actually in a big rush so any other idea or option is more than welcome.
I am looking for a way to import into several .skp files (more than a hundred) the same component, possibly into the origin point.
Basically the actions would have been open the file, import or paste in place whatever is easier, save with the same name and then close, just x100 times.
thanks for any help given,

@TIG has posted many of these little batch folder processing type of scripts over at SketchUcation forums. (free to join)

I agree, @TIG is quite knowledgeable…

@rauch86rauch, In fact @TIG answered a similar question (with code sample) here in this category:

Wow thanks guys,
I will give it a try and see if I am getting somewhere.
I am realizing I am too much of a rookie for this and my deadline was yesterday, so I will now take my time to learn a bit about scripts!

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