AYK Viper 4WD vintage radiocontrolled buggy

Hello sketchuppers!

I’ve been using Sketchup since the V2.1 circa 2001, long before we had transparency and curves (I fondly remember v3 showcasing the Villa Savoye and its transparent glazing and curvy walls on the roof and the car port! :smiley:

I’ve also been a longtime user of scripts/plugins since the introduction of the rubyscripts but didn’t venture myself into programming (yet ?).

The car showcased here is (I think) a good demonstration that Sketchup today is capable of handling complex models, and its rendering pipeline with TheaRender (I also use Vray but think that Thea is slightly better for quick product renders vs architectural renders where Vray excels because of the availability of commercial objects/material libraries).

For the modeling, I used Sketchup 2018, Thomthom’s Vertextools, Quadface tools, SubD, Fredo’s FredoCorner, Beziertoolbar and Joint Pushpull, Su4U’s Slice Pro and Align, JHS Powerbar, Dale’s Profile Builder 3 and BoolTools, TIG’s Center Point All.
For the texturing, I use Rich’s Wrap-R, Allegorithmic’s Substance Painter and TheaRender 2.1 for the rendering.

I have modeled lots of RC cars since my early attempt in Sketchup 4 and am confident that it can be used to output any kind of documents (CAD drawings, freehand style sketches, hyperrealistic renders, logotypes for Tshirts and so on).

If there are other Sketchuppers modeling for their RC hobby, I’d be very interested to see what they do! :smiley: