Availability of Google Earth Imagery for Add Location feature


I’m the Director of Product Management for SketchUp and I am also the person who originally designed the “Add Location” feature while at Google. I negotiated our original data licensing agreement inside Google. I was involved in the negotiation of the five year license extension following Google’s divestiture of our group (just over five years ago) and also the most recent efforts at striking a new data licensing agreement with Google to extend or replace the previous agreement.

I am not at liberty to discuss the specific terms of any past or future licensing deals with Google in this forum. That just isn’t something we do in public.

You’ve made it abundantly clear to everyone in this forum (including many members of the core SketchUp development team) that you’re unsatisfied with the quality of imagery we have been able to license for your use in SketchUp. We’ve heard you and responded as best we can.

Your escalation of the issue to Google, however, is now undermining our ability to negotiate improved data access for everyone in the future.

As a consequence of that, I’ve asked that you be prevented from continuing to post here. I welcome the continuation of any conversation you’d like to have with our Support, Customer Service or Legal teams through their appropriate channels. I’m also open to continuing the conversation with you personally as long as you like.

Since we’re unable to find any evidence that you’re a paying SketchUp Pro customer, however, there isn’t much more I can offer you at this time.