ATI Driver LoadLibrary- Error 126 on Windows 64-bit


I didn’t use my SketchUp Make 2015 for one month, when I tried to run it today, error message appear (“LoadLibrary failed with error 126: Nie można odnaleźć określonego modułu.”) and program shut down.

I tried to repair it with SketchUp Make 2015 installer, I tried reinstall too. Then I installed older GPU driver, that ones with I had when I last time used SketchUp. It works worse now (before SketchUp window appeared with error message, now only message).

Any advices?


This is telling you that a DLL (dynamic link library) couldn’t be loaded. This could happen because the library is missing or damaged. I have also seen reports it can happen if a registry entry is corrupted. Hopefully one of our Windows experts will chime in with a solution.

See: Error “LoadLibrary failed with error 126: The module could not be found” when launching programs

Try to install your graphics (GPU) driver by right-clicking with mouse, and choose “Run As Administrator.”

Some AMD machines with ATI graphics are having issues with the SketchUp 2015 64-bit build. Uninstall the 64-bit edition and install the 32-bit edition. (Be sure to run the installer “… As Administrator”.)

Spróbuj zainstalować sterownika karty graficznej (GPU) przy kliknięciu prawym przyciskiem myszy i wybierz “Uruchom jako Administrator”.

Niektóre maszyny AMD z grafiką ATI mają problemy z SketchUp 2015 64-kąsek wydanie. 64-kąsek wydanie odinstalować i zainstalować 32-bitowej. (Pamiętaj uruchomić instalator “… Jako Administrator”.)

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Thanks DanRathbun, problem solved.

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