Assertion failed: SUEntitiesFill(entities, geom_input, 1)==SU_ERROR_NONE

I love the descriptive error of:


It helps very much. (This is assertion but nonetheless I checked the return value separately.)

Irony aside it’s a general trend I don’t like of having errors information being error. Unless I’m missing something and I can get actual description of why can’t I add my face.

I’m adding my indices and checking all return value - why it would crash when faces are added (pardon the obfuscated syntax):

       b(SULoopInputCreate, &loop_input);
       for (signed long z = i[groupData(*currentMesh)].StartIndex, count = 0;
           amountfaces < i[groupData(*currentMesh)].NumFaces;) {
           unsigned long currentindex = getindex(z);
           assert(currentindex < currentMesh->AmountVertices),
           printf("%d\n", currentindex),
           (count)[mat_input.vertex_indices] = currentindex,
           (count)[mat_input.uv_coords].x = currentindex[currentMesh->vertexData].U,
           (count)[mat_input.uv_coords].y = currentindex[currentMesh->vertexData].V;
           count += 1;
           z += 1;
           if (count >= 3) {
               size_t face_index;

               b(SUGeometryInputAddFace, geom_input, &loop_input, &face_index);

               b(SUMaterialSetOpacity, mat_input.material, 1.0);

               b(SUGeometryInputFaceSetFrontMaterial, geom_input, face_index, &mat_input);

               b(SUMaterialSetOpacity, mat_input.material, 0.1);

               b(SUGeometryInputFaceSetBackMaterial, geom_input, face_index, &mat_input);

               b(SULoopInputCreate, &loop_input);
               count = 0;
               amountfaces += 1;
               //amountfaces = face_index;
           if (getindex(z - 1) == getindex(z) && getindex(z + 1) == getindex(z + 2)) {
               loop_input = (SULoopInputRef){ SU_INVALID };
               b(SULoopInputCreate, &loop_input);
               count = 0;
               amountfaces += 1;
               z += 3;

   b(SUEntitiesFill, entities, geom_input, true);

It’s a triangle strip I’m adding the same as Triangle Strips - Win32 apps | Microsoft Learn

And also thanks for your time because it’s not your entitlement to help and also I think there is improvement in the SDK since last time I used it. However I do remember having the same issue.

Point is that SUGeometryInputAddFace and the previous calls to SULoopInputAddVertexIndex succee

but at the end when filling with the SUGeometryInputRef entities it fails with that cryptic nonsensical error.

It might be duplicate indices but then why SULoopInputAddVertexIndex allow like 2 duplicates and after that it fails - why not fail at the first duplicate.