Arrow to scroll Scene-Tabs (also) on the left of tabs

Ok, i can use the scenes-tray, but if i want to get to my first scene, aka LEFT-most, i have to go all the way to the RIGHT, to click the arrow…
Not sure if i would put both arrows on both sides, orthe left one only left…
Or, what about allow scrolling the tabs with the scroll-wheel while hovering the tabs?

See also the small bug that cuts off part of the RIGHT-arrow…

An option: Put this text in a file named goto_home_scene.rb in your plugins folder, then add a shortcut.'View').add_item("Goto First Scene") {
    if Sketchup.active_model.pages.size > 0
        Sketchup.active_model.pages.selected_page = Sketchup.active_model.pages.first

Edit: made a small addition to avoid errors in the Ruby Console.

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