Arithmetic sequence in dynamic components

I want to make an if condition for a dynamic component. The condition is times of a value.
For an example if the value is 6, then condition will be for the value of 6,12,18,24,…etc.
=if(LenX=(6,12,18,24, etc…), then value, else value)
I don’t know whether I explained it clearly or not. please let me know a solution.
thanks in advance

could you use a modulus calculation to determine if the value is of some multiple?
if valA % 6 == 0, do a thing, some thing else


Glenn is correct, but the syntax would be

= if(lenx/6 -int(lenx/6), 0,1)

as no modulus expression, so take integer from a real leaves remainder, so if there is a remainder, false otherwise true (reversed result)

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another more direct method to size via floor or ceiling with significance

scale to next 600mm.skp (13.6 KB)

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Thank you. This is exactly what I looked for :heart_eyes: