Arc informations

In SDK, is there a way to get informations about curves like in Ruby ArcCurve object, for example start or end angle ?

SULoopRef outer_loop = SU_INVALID;
SU_CALL(SUFaceGetOuterLoop(face, &outer_loop));
size_t num_vertices;
SU_CALL(SULoopGetNumVertices(outer_loop, &num_vertices));
if (num_vertices > 0) {
	std::vector<SUEdgeRef> edges(num_vertices);
	SU_CALL(SULoopGetEdges(outer_loop, num_vertices, &edges[0], &num_vertices));
	for (size_t i = 0; i < num_vertices; i++) {
		SUEdgeRef edge = edges[i];
		SUCurveRef curve = SU_INVALID;
		if (SUEdgeGetCurve(edge, &curve) != SU_ERROR_NULL_POINTER_OUTPUT)
			SUCurveType curvetype;
			SUCurveGetType(curve, &curvetype);
			if (curvetype == SUCurveType::SUCurveType_Arc)

Hmm… might we be missing this… @bugra, @Paul?

Yeah, we are definitely missing a few functions in the SUCurve class. I’ll make a note.

Have you any idea about when and in which version you think you will implement these missing class/functions ?

I did log it in our issue tracker. Now that we know it’s actually needed, it’ll be higher in priority. But I cannot say exactly when it’ll be done, sorry. But feel free to ping us about it anytime.