Anyone working with Simlab Composer VR?

Hello I need some help with my Sketchup model in Sinlab Composer. I asked Simlab support but they will not help with this kind of questions (only with license problems). When I do some texture baking in my model the materials turn into gray. What is going wrong? I hope someone can help me. Download link model and screen captures: Dropbox - Simlab Composer - Simplify your life

Best Regards, Richard

My questions I asked:

  1.      When I am launching Simlab Composer (I have the VR edition, last version 10v10.18VR) the tekst and icons (recent projects) are very small on my UHR monitor 3840x2160 200% (Windows 10). Maybe an idea to make dialog boxes/screens resizable or/and make an option for larger icons/tekst in the preferences menu. - **THEY WILL SOLVE THIS**
  2.      The Translate 3D / Snap object / copy / …. Menu is way to small, I can’t hardly read or click on it. - **THEY WILL SOLVE THIS**
  3.      I like the VR Effects / Media. I tried to make a realistic showerhead (movie-file). To do that I made a water jet in every hole. Maybe to much, but the effect is great but Oculus Quest can not handle this. Maybe an idea to change this effect. For example to activate the shower head and get a realistic shower with several jets. In the menu you can change the amound of jets, the size, the strenght, etc. Is it possible to make something similar for a water tap? **NOT SOLVED**
  4.      I noticed that it is possible to add sounds tot he VR scene, but there are no sound files in the library (or missed I something?). Maybe nice to attache sounds tot the VR effects. **THEY THINK IT IS A GOOD IDEA**
  5.      When I use the option Real_time Render (F4) the materials seems to be okay. But when I see the same model in VR (desktop and Oculus Quest) the materials don’t look good. I think it needs texture baking. BTW when I send a model to VR in other software like Twinmotion I don’t have to change materials … **NOT SOLVED**
  6.      When I do some texture baking on some materials (like the toilet, material NewMTL>Ceramic>General>White Ceramic) the materials turns into gray …? What is going wrong here? **NOT SOLVED**
  7.      I want to create a long LED strip, I don’t no if this is the right wat, but when I click on the strip in the model and make it a emitter Simlab is crashing. And a area light is not giving the effect I want. **NOT SOLVED**
  8.      Years ago I saw a tutorial how to turn lights on and off by clicking on a switch in VR. I cannot find this anymore, is this still possible with the VR edition? **SOLVED**