Any better way to trace curve line?


SKP Curve Drawing 01

SKP Curve Drawing 012

Which tool you will use to trace curve line like this sample?
First I try SketchUp default arc tool, but it is not easy.
Then I try to use Fredo Spline, it is better but still not get a good result.
Maybe I can learn a better way to draw a curve.
Thank you very much.

Bezier Curve Tool
Fredo Spline

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Thank you for your reply. I just test with Bazier curve, it is easier to control.

You’re welcome!


Thank you very much @mihai.s
Really appreciate your time and help.
I can learn a lot for this demo. Just notice you create straight construction line first !

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Many ways to draw it


Wow, this way can get very smooth result !
Thanks for sharing.

Even if you use the technique from the first option, you can get a smooth curve. After drawing the curves, weld them and then ‘convert to curve’ (Fredo Spline) and set the number of segments you want.

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Thank you. I will practice follow your technique. :slight_smile:

If you use the Global Fit Spline instead of the Bezier Classic curve you can set the control points on the curve you’re tracing and you don’t have to screw around with adjust the control points to get the curve to fit. It’ll be right the first time.